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Durex Avanti (5 pack)

Durex Avanti (5 pack)
Durex Avanti (5 pack)

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Price (CDN): $13.89

Product is Sold-Out

This product has been discontinued by the Manufacturer (2009) and replaced by the Avanti Bare

Here is a condom for those that want the best in sensitivy or for those alergic to latex.
  • Made of a unique polyurethane material (non-latex).
  • Safe for those with latex allergies.
  • Ultra thin, ultra strong, and ultra sensitive.
  • No smell or taste
  • Heat conductive, and has been reported to increase the sensitivity for both women and men.
  • Lubricated.
  • As effective as latex condoms in preventing pregnancy and in preventing STDs.
  • Can be used with oil based lubricants.

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