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O'My 'O' Clitoral Stimulating Gel .4oz (14mL)

O'My 'O' Clitoral Stimulating Gel .4oz (14mL)
O'My 'O' Clitoral Stimulating Gel .4oz (14mL)

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O Clitoral Stimulating Gel enhances sexually intimate activities by increasing clitoral sensitivity and improving women's ability to achieve orgasm. This unique product is the only topical stimulant containing natural ingredients designed for women who want to increase the frequency and intensity of their sexual experiences.

This product comes in a resealable tube which allows for many applications.

Directions for Use:

We recommend that the user of O Clitoral Stimulating Gel apply this product herself.

Place small teardrop size amount of O Gel onto your fingertip. Apply O Gel only to the underside or top of the clitoris and gently massage into the tissue for several seconds. Avoid putting O Gel onto other areas of the labia. You will immediately feel an intense warmth for approximately 20 seconds which will gradually subside.

Light and continuous massaging of the clitoral area with O Gel will advance the time it takes for the blood vessels to dilate and enhances the level of sexual pleasure. Through the use of this product, women are likely to experience more frequent and intensified orgasms. Time factors and individual results may vary and it may require more than one application in order to achieve the desired results.

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